Christina Russell is a wife & mommy who overcame depression to get her life back! After suffering the loss of her baby in utero, Christina fell into a deep state of depression coupled with anxiety, weight gain, and a huge body image problem. Tired of feeling unhappy and watching the sadness spill over into her family life, she made the decision to OWN HER LIFE after watching Arthur Boorman's inspirational video. With pure determination, dedication, and love for the program, she became a success story - losing 60+ pounds in 5 months (and dropping from a size 18 to a 6)! 3+ years later, Christina has not only changed her life, but has changed careers. She is a Certified Nutritionist, Cookbook and eBook Author, Pre/Post Natal Specialist and a Celebrity Trainer at the DDP YOGA Performance Center! When not teaching DDP YOGA, you can find Christina creating recipes for her gluten-free blog and blogging about her pregnancy at 40 and her adventures in parenthood (round 2) at WATCH HER TRANSFORMATION VIDEO HERE! Email: Facebook: BodyRebooted and FamilyRebooted Twitter: @BodyRebooted and @FamilyRebooted Instagram: BodyRebooted and FamilyRebooted Website: and